The iNOVUSS festival is cancelled!


Last year changed our lives. That includes transforming the way we exchange ideas, the way we work and communicate.  

We maintain our conviction that the essence of the iNOVUSS festival lies in coming together. In person, in live discussions, in workshops and conversations. In a creative atmosphere that recharges and inspires.  

Unfortunately, the prospects of any gatherings at the end of the summer this year are still largely uncertain, hence we have made the hard decision to halt the organisation of the festival. 

We believe that the ideas crafted during iNOVUSS will live on in new projects and works that benefit us all.  

The fact that in 2019 iNOVUSS brought together 16 000 festival-goers still exhilarates us, and we are proud that its recognition reached even further with awards at Eventex and BEA World – The International Festival of Events and Live Communication. What is more, we just learned that the OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation has included iNOVUSS in the list of examples of good practices for governments.   

Thank you for being with us, and we hope our paths cross again soon.   

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