About festival

Main stages of Festival


From 30 August to 1 September 2019, Riga, Latvia, will host the second innovation festival iNOVUSS. It will gather a large audience and be a unique opportunity to share inspiring ideas and experience, join discussions and business workshops. This year, festival in Lucavsala island, will join together technological innovation and innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem, as well as others for three days.

Magnetic Latvia Stage

Powerful is how the Magnetic Latvia stage will sound. Great minds – our keynote speakers – will be there to tell their stories about changing reality: technological advancement and AI.
Everything human will not be forgotten as the visitors will hear opinions about tools to increase mental performance, as well as travelling as a way to shift one’s perception of the world. Local experts will join the discussions but in the evening the stage will be given to DJs and musicians.

Smart Café

This will be the place for thinkers, idea generators and doers to meet. We invite you to discuss the future shaped by new knowledge and technologies, to get inspired by founder stories on their journey from idea to a ready-made product and to look for the most successful models of cooperation in the development of innovative products.

Business Incubators

Business Incubators area is all about Homo iNOVUSS – the intelligent creator – young entrepreneur, often found in the business incubator ecosystem. Homo iNOVUSS entails exceptional creativity, intellectual skills, continuous technological advancement and a progress-oriented mindset that focuses on opportunities instead of obstacles.
Business Incubators area will utilize the untapped potential of mindfulness for personal branding. Intelligent minds will unveil how and what to sell in a world where everything seems to already exist and people need less stuff. We will find out, how to return to the primordial power of nature to overcome our limits of comfort and temperature. Not only the past – we will look into the future to see how the life of Homo iNOVUSS changes, as we will exploit personal data and have widespread opportunities to study our and the DNA of the next generation to move towards a kinder world.


Tense debates, rounds of presentations, workshops, even tournaments and other activities will take place in the tent of LIAA Tourism department in order to discuss what is travelling and traveler in the XXI century? What are the paradigms of changes in tourism, new challenges, creative solutions and the new offer in tourism from the perspective of products, services, destination marketing and the travelers themselves?

Business Terrace

Got a business idea or you are already an entrepreneur? The LIAA Business Terrace will be the place to learn about LIAA support for starting a business, promoting innovation and technology, and talking to LIAA consultants to find the right support for your idea. Come to the LIAA Business Terrace even if you want to meet like-minded people, maybe even find a partner. Throughout the festival you will have the opportunity to meet lecturers from various iNOVUSS stages. Perhaps conversation on the Business Terrace will be a turning point in the development of your idea and the courage to start if you are thinking about starting.

Money District

A place where business and finance are pulsing – the heart and bloodstream of the economy. There are experienced business people, venture capitalists, business angels, enthusiastic beginners and simply curious minds. Here’s where ideas, projects and persevering work are traded for money. Here you can find tips, do’s and don’ts on making money. Here you can meet your investor, learn to invest yourself and hear exciting stories.


23XX Innovation, information, communication, creation, brainpower, development, and future. These names all take the feminine form in Latvian language. The most ingenious scientists and software engineers have entered this world because of women’s ability to create. Can modern technology and artificial intelligence ever do the same? The 23rd pair of chromosomes is what differentiates a female and a male. Are there any differences between women and men in programming, computer science and high technology? 23XX is about how much even tiny nuances affect our actions. We will converse about how to combine the best in everyone, both women and men, and how to achieve best results by working together.

You are welcome to visit the Stages of our friends!

Bank of Ideas

The Bank of Ideas is an information platform that unites Latvian higher education institutions that implement the program “Innovation Grants for Students” (SIG) – Riga Technical University, Riga Stradins University, University of Latvia, BA School of Business and Finance, Latvian Maritime Academy, Liepaja University and Ventspils University. Those who are interested will be able to find out more about the SIG program. Different activities that are implemented, including study courses, training, business support tools, and other promotion tools available to all interested. For example. Throughout the festival, you will be able to meet with academics, get answers to your questions, learn about collaboration opportunities, and learn more about entrepreneurial skill development activities, pre-incubators, incubators, DEMOLA Latvia project, study courses and research projects. On Sunday there will be workshops and activities for children and youth.

Digital Services Tent

Representatives of Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (VARAM) training and communication activities program “My Latvia. Do Digital! ” together with specialists from SJSC“ Latvian State Radio and Television Center ” will welcome visitors to the special activity tent, where you can apply for e-Signature Mobile all day long. Program specialists will provide advice on how to use the eID card, how to set up and use an eSignature, an e-mail address, and e-services that can help you deal with different situations electronically.
Enthusiasts will have the opportunity to participate in the quiz by testing their knowledge of various e-services. In addition, you will be able to create your own e-mail address so that all future communications with state and municipal authorities can be made electronically. ”


Regardless of whether your imagination or intuition will lead you to the right business idea, there is no way forward without a thoughtful plan and cooperation partners.
Playing a game at Swedbank will make you sure that you have to have faith in your eyesight, and eyeball movement tracker will discover your entrepreneurial gene and the perfect partner for a successful business. Bright glasses will help you recognize each other.

Ministry of Education and Science

For the second year, the Ministry of Education and Science is organizing an exhibition to celebrate the strength and diversity of Latvian science. The exhibition tells about 12 contemporary Latvian scientists and their achievements. Scan the QR code and watch a video story that will help you get to know both the scientist and the industry they represent.
The main characters of the exhibition are scientists – physicist Marija Dunce, engineering scientist Sandis Spolītis, cultural sociologist Anda Laķe, researcher in chemistry Ingars Reinholds, environmental engineer Jūlija Gušča, physical chemist Kristaps Jaudzems, work environment researcher Ivars Vanadziņš, communication researcher Agnese Dāvidsone, telecommuting researcher Dainis Jakovels, entomologist Anita Rukmane and microbiologist Jānis Liepiņš.

Business meets art!

What are the current challenges in science, technology, innovation and business? Everyone will have the opportunity to express their views and gather together to explore and find solutions!
RISEBA – the School of Business, Arts, and Technology will not only be able to look for problems to solve, but will also inspire by student projects, films and ideas from Creative Business Incubator teams; listen to the opinions of experts. RISEBA is a place where business meets art!


Learn how to build a compact eco-friendly and robotic electric car. Is it possible to build your own robotic electric car from wood and general purpose electronic components? Come and see the Woodpecker project. Open the door to innovative vehicle applications and future module design.